A Primary Reader: Old-Time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children
E. Louise Smythe
0:49 h
Level 1
This book originated in a series of little reading lessons prepared for the first grade pupils in the Santa Rosa public schools. The object of the lessons was three-fold: to provide reading matter for the little ones who had only a small vocabulary of sight-words; to acquaint them early with the heroes who have come down to us in song and story; and to create a desire for literature.

A Primary Reader
Old-Time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children

E. Louise Smythe

The Ugly Duckling

A duck made her nest under some leaves.

She sat on the eggs to keep them warm.

At last the eggs broke, one after the other. Little ducks came out.

Only one egg was left. It was a very large one.

At last it broke, and out came a big, ugly duckling.

“What a big duckling!” said the old duck. “He does not look like us. Can he be a turkey? — We will see. If he does not like the water, he is not a duck.”

The next day the mother duck took her ducklings to the pond.

Splash! Splash! The mother duck was in the water. Then she called the ducklings to come in. They all jumped in and began to swim. The big, ugly duckling swam, too.

The mother duck said, “He is not a turkey. He is my own little duck. He will not be so ugly when he is bigger.”

Then she said to the ducklings, “Come with me. I want you to see the other ducks. Stay by me and look out for the cat.”

They all went into the duck yard. What a noise the ducks made!

While the mother duck was eating a big bug, an old duck bit the ugly duckling.