The Invaders and Other Stories, Leo Tolstoy
The Invaders and Other Stories
Leo Tolstoy
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The Invaders and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Leo Tolstoy. "The Raid" (Russian: Набег, or The Invaders) is a short story by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, first published in 1853. The story, set in the Caucasus, takes the form of a conversation between the narrator and a military captain about the nature of bravery. The story is based on Tolstoy's own experiences as an artillery cadet stationed in the Caucasus.

The Invaders
Other Stories

Leo Tolstoy

Translated from the Russian by Nathan Haskell Dole

The Invaders

A Volunteer’s Narrative


On the 24th of July, Captain Khlopof in epaulets and cap — a style of dress in which I had not seen him since my arrival in the Caucasus — entered the low door of my earth-hut.

“I’m just from the colonel’s,” he said in reply to my questioning look; “to-morrow our battalion is to move.”

“Where?” I asked.

“To N — . The troops have been ordered to muster at that place.”

“And probably some expedition will be made from there?”

“Of course.”

“In what direction, think you?”

“I don’t think. I tell you all I know. Last night a Tatar from the general came galloping up, — brought orders for the battalion to march, taking two days’ rations. But whither, why, how long, isn’t for them to ask. Orders are to go — that’s enough.”

“Still, if they are going to take only two days’ rations, it’s likely the army will not stay longer.”

“That’s no argument at all.”

“And how is that?” I asked with astonishment.

“This is the way of it: When they went against Dargi they took a week’s rations, but they spent almost a month.”

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