In the Nursery of My Bookhouse
Olive Beaupré Miller
7:09 h
Level 1
Olive Beaupré Miller (née Olive Kennon Beaupré) was an American writer, publisher and editor of children's literature. In the Nursery of My Bookhouse is a collection of poems published in 1920. In 1919 Miller established a company, The Book House for Children, to publish popular children’s literature edited by herself to meet her standards: "First,--To be well equipped for life, to have ideas and the ability to express them, the child needs a broad background of familiarity with the best in literature. "Second,--His stories and rhymes must be selected with care that he may absorb no distorted view of life and its actual values, but may grow up to be mentally clear about values and emotionally impelled to seek what is truly desirable and worthwhile in human living. "Third,--The stories and rhymes selected must be graded to the child's understanding at different periods of his growth, graded as to vocabulary, as to subject matter and as to complexity of structure and plot."

In the Nursery of My Bookhouse

Olive Beaupré Miller

The World

THE world is so full
of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all
be as happy as kings.

Robert Louis Stevenson.

Dance, Little Baby

DANCE, little Baby, dance up high!
Never mind, Baby, Mother is by.
Crow and caper, caper and crow,
There, little Baby, there you go!
Up to the ceiling, down to the ground.
Backwards and forwards,
round and round,
Dance, little Baby, and Mother will sing
With a merry carol, ding! ding! ding!

See-Saw, Sacaradown

SEE-SAW, sacaradown,
Which is the way to London town
One foot up, the other foot down,
Oh, that’s the way to London town.

Rock-A-Bye, Baby

ROCK-A-BYE, baby,
thy cradle is green;
Father’s a nobleman,
mother’s a queen;
And Betty’s a lady,
and wears a gold ring.
And Johnny’s a drummer,
and drums for the king.