Five Little Peppers and Their Friends, Margaret Sidney
Five Little Peppers and Their Friends
Margaret Sidney
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The Five Little Peppers is a book series created by American author Margaret Sidney which was published 1881 to 1916. It covers the lives of the five children in their native state and develops with their rescue by a wealthy gentleman who takes an interest in the family. The stories continue with the Peppers' adventures in school, abroad, and even back in the little brown house where their thoughts and hearts will always turn. The series spans 17 years, beginning with Phronsie as a three-year-old and finishing with her as a 20-year-old young lady.

Five Little Peppers and Their Friends

Margaret Sidney

To my daughter Margaret, who to her friends embodies “Polly Pepper” in her girlhood, I dedicate most lovingly this book.


There were so many interesting friends of the Five Little Peppers, whose lives were only the faintest of outlines in the series ending when Phronsie was grown up, that a volume devoted to this outer circle has been written to meet the persistent demand.

Herein the author records many happenings that long ago Ben and Polly, Joel and David told her. And even Phronsie whispered some of it confidentially into the listening ear. “Tell about Rachel, please,” she begged; and Margaret Sidney promised to write it all down some day.

And that day seems to have arrived in which it all should be recorded and the promise fulfilled. For the Five Little Peppers loved their friends very dearly, and were loyal and true to them. And hand in hand, the circle widening ever, they lived and loved as this history records.


Chapter I
A Five-O’clock Tea

“I wish,” said Phronsie slowly, “that you’d come in, little girl.”

“Can’t.” The girl at the gate peered through the iron railings, pressing her nose quite flat, to give the sharp, restless, black eyes the best chance.

“Please do,” begged Phronsie, coming up quite close; “I very much wish you would.”

“Can’t,” repeated the girl on the outside. “Cop won’t let me.”

“Who?” asked Phronsie, much puzzled and beginning to look frightened.

“Perlice.” The girl nodded briefly, taking her face away from the iron railings enough to accomplish that ceremony. Then she plastered her nose up against its support again, and stared at Phronsie with all her might.

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