Clever Hans, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Clever Hans
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
6:00 m Children Lvl 2.08 2.4 mb
A boy named Hans has a conversation with his mother every morning (in the morning conversations he simply is telling her he is going to meet his fiancee Gretel) and evening (in which his mother reprimands him for mishandling a gift from his fiancee).

Clever Hans

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The mother of Hans said: ‘Whither away, Hans?’

Hans answered: ‘To Gretel.’

‘Behave well, Hans.’

‘Oh, I’ll behave well. Goodbye, mother.’

‘Goodbye, Hans.’

Hans comes to Gretel.

‘Good day, Gretel.’

‘Good day, Hans. What do you bring that is good?’

‘I bring nothing, I want to have something given me.’

Gretel presents Hans with a needle, Hans says: ‘Goodbye, Gretel.’

‘Goodbye, Hans.’

Hans takes the needle, sticks it into a hay-cart, and follows the cart home.

‘Good evening, mother.’

‘Good evening, Hans. Where have you been?’

‘With Gretel.’

‘What did you take her?’

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