The Adventures of Joel Pepper, Margaret Sidney
The Adventures of Joel Pepper
Margaret Sidney
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Harriett Lothrop was an American author also known by her pseudonym Margaret Sidney (June 22, 1844 – August 2, 1924). In addition to writing popular children's stories, she ran her husband Daniel Lothrop's publishing company after his death. After they bought The Wayside country house, they worked hard to make it a center of literary life. The Adventures of Joel Pepper, the sixth book in Five Little Peppers series, was published in 1901. Joel: The middle Pepper, the middle boy, the most active. He is 8 in The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. Joel is an enthusiastic sportsman who loves treats, parties, and entertainment. He is the most troublesome, often getting himself into mischief or causing the others grief with the things he says. He settles down somewhat in college and becomes active in a student church group.

The Adventures of Joel Pepper

Margaret Sidney

“‘Why, it’s the man who stole Polly’s bread!’ He almost screamed.”

Joel and the Snake

“Come on, Dave!”

It was Joel’s voice, and Polly pricked up her ears. “‘Tisn’t going to hurt you. Hoh! You’re a ‘fraid-cat — old ‘fraid-cat!”

“No, I’m not ‘fraid-cat,” declared little Davie, trying to speak stoutly; “I’m coming, Joel,” and his little rusty shoes pattered unevenly down the rickety board walk.

“Jo-el!” called Polly, thinking it quite time now to interfere.

Joel scuttled behind the old woodshed, and several smothered grunts proclaimed his disapproval at the interruption.

“Now I know you’re up to some mischief,” declared Polly, “so you just come into the house, Joel Pepper, and tell me what it is.”

“‘Tisn’t,” said Joel, loudly insisting. “Don’t go, Dave,”in a loud whisper. Thereupon ensued a lively scuffle, evidently, by the noise they made.

“I must,” said little Davie; “Polly called us.”

“No, she didn’t call you,” declared Joel. “You stay here. She said ‘Joel.’”

“Bo-oys!” sang out Polly’s voice, not to have any doubt in the matter.

“There, she did call me,” cried Davie, wriggling to get free from Joel’s clutch; “she said ‘boys!’”

“She’s always calling us,” said Joel, in an injured voice, dragging himself away from the charms of the woodshed to straggle slowly back to the house.

There sat Polly on the big stone that served as a step for the back door, with her hands folded in her lap. Little Davie skipped by Joel, and ran up to her, with a flushed face.

“Now I should like to know what you’ve been up to, Joey Pepper?” said Polly, her brown eyes full on him.

“Haven’t been up to anything,” mumbled Joel, hanging his chubby face.

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